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Creative consultant, coach and facilitator

Working with creative people and organisations online, anywhere in the world.

Inspiration, advice and guidance for creative people and organisations around the world.

I work with a diverse range of creatives, arts professionals and leaders of cultural organisations across the creative sector in the UK and internationally. I can support you to devise programmes, develop your team and plan for your future, wherever you are.


Understand need and opportunity

Understand your stakeholders' needs and map out potential opportunities.

Embed youth

voice & participation

Discover how to listen to young people and place them at the heart of your work.

Measure your creative and social impact

Learn how to capture and measure the impact of  your work on the lives of your beneficiaries.

Develop and lead your organisation

Gain the tools and build capacity to lead transformation in your organisation, teams and board.

Promote inclusion & diversity

Explore how to increase diversity, inclusion and belonging across your organisation.

Communicate your story & message

Discover how to tell your story and champion your cause in creative, clear and compelling ways.



Specialist in developing and supporting diverse and inclusive organisations with a social purpose.

Drawing on my own migrant background, I work with diverse-led, socially engaged and established organisations to develop their capacity, create business strategies and generate income. I am an Associate Consultant for the Arts Council of Wales' Creative Steps capacity-building programme, and have advised and trained creative leaders across music, theatre, visual art and heritage. Clients include Babylon ARTS, Centrala and G Expressions.

If you are working at the cutting edge of art and social change, and you want to grow your impact, please get in touch.


Accredited ILM Level 7 coach and facilitator for leadership, professional development and wellbeing.

I am one of the few consultants in the UK who designs and delivers peer learning and leadership development programmes for arts professionals at every stage of their career, from emerging creatives to CEOs and Directors. I am passionate about wellbeing in the creative sector, and believe that everyone has a right to be healthy, happy and fulfilled in their work. Clients include the British Library and A New Direction.

Get in touch if you are looking for:

  • Individual or group coaching, facilitation and team-building

  • Peer leadership for arts and culture professionals​

  • Board development and governance


Creator of Youth Voice Week and author of the Youth Voice & Participation Handbook for the creative and cultural sector.

I am a recognised specialist in Youth Voice & Participation, the process of listening and consulting with young people about their creative participation. In partnership with Sound Connections, I created and curated the first ever Youth Voice Week for creative organisations and, with Jennifer Raven, co-authored the Youth Voice & Participation Handbook.

I can work with you to create a youth voice strategy and train your team in the essential skills and capacities needed to do great youth voice. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Clients &


Here are some of the organisations I work and collaborate with:

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