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Lawrence Becko-Vasiliadis produces Synaesthetic Dance Music, cosmic electronica and dream pop from his studio in Cambridge, in the East of England.

Born in London, he grew up in Athens, Greece. His ancestors originate from Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Slovakia and Ireland. He channels these roots into his music to create a global electronic sound, inspired by Greek synth legend, Vangelis, and contemporary influences including Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Air and Broken Social Scene. His latest release is a three-album cycle set in imaginary future worlds facing new ecological challenges. Their sound blends cinematic pop, disco, electronica, breakbeat and experimental dance.


His strong melodic sensibility and synaesthesia - which means he sees and hears music in colour - create a polychromatic sound that would be at home anywhere from a church to a beach at sunrise.

Lawrence began his journey on a TASCAM 414 and learned to loop using proto-software programme, Dance eJay. He went onto have a successful career in bands and his music has been synchronised to major US TV shows. After a five year hiatus, he returned to music with a new electronic sound that comes full circle to his early dance music origins. 

Full biography: read here.

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